Not too long ago facials were deemed to be strictly for celebrities and the rich and famous but thankfully that perception is now in the past. The simple fact of the matter is that whether you are male or female, young or old, a wealthy business person or a student starting out in life, we all want the same thing: to look our absolute best. A facial from Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC will help achieve that. Meaning that you will have glowing and radiant skin, keeping you rejuvenated on the outside and feeling great on the inside

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Affordable & Reliable Facial Spa

Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC is proud to be the number one provider of facial spas and the continued loyalty of women and men in the area is something that I truly cherish. To match this loyalty I work hard every day to ensure that our spa facial continues to be as relaxing, reinvigorating and as accessible as possible. Ensuring that people from all walks of life can afford one of my facials is one of our number one goals and is a task we tackle with vigor each day. That is why I offer discounts to students and special rates to returning customers.

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What Type of Facial is Right for Me?

While facial treatments can be applied at home, to achieve the optimal results it is better to go with the pros. At Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC I pride myself of educating my clients of how to take care of their specific skincare needs and concerns. One of the most common queries that I receive is in relation to choosing the right type of facial. There are many different facial treatment options.

Express Facial / 30 mins: $45

This quick 30 min or "Lunchtime" facial is perfect for a quick deep cleansing, exfoliation and hydrating mask treatment for that "on the go" client or a first time facial client.

LED Facial / 30 mins: $60

People turn to LED therapy to fix skin problems such as acne or reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ... “The red infrared lights are used for fine lines and wrinkles. The blue lights are used to improve acne and prevent breakouts by killing the acne-causing bacteria. LED treatments last about ten to twenty minutes, and can be a stand-alone treatment or part of a facial. This 45 min facial includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, serum, mask and LED treatment)

Evolution Signature Facial / 60 mins: $60

Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment that is great for all skin types and focuses on relieving tension and stress. Your skin will glow and be hydrated afterwards. This facial includes double cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, relaxing facial, neck & shoulder, hand & arm massage, and hydrating treatment mask.

Metamorphosis Facial / 60 mins: $80 - $130

Looking for a facial focused on your specific skincare needs and concerns. This facial option packs a punch and are focused on results using custom combination of advanced modalities such as LED light therapy, Dermafile, Microdermabrasion, Peels, or High Frequency. You have a choice of an anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, detox or hydrating facial.

Transformation Facial / 90 mins: $180

This is a relaxing facial and customized facial 2.0. You get the benefits of a relaxing facial with the results of a customized facial plus a hydrating eye and lip treatment, aromatherapy scalp massage, and an exfoliating hand and foot treatment. This is the ultimate "Melt Your Stress Away" experience.

Dual Exfoliation Facial / 60 mins: $90

Achieve the look of polished perfection without chemicals, acids, crystals, machines or blades with the very versatile, nimble, durable and ergonomically correct Dermafile. Very effective for treating aging and sun damaged skin, scar tissue, pigmentation imbalance, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged or congested pores on the face, neck and décolletage but also safe to use on any part of the body and excellent to smooth and soften rough and calloused patches on elbows, knees and feet. The goal of this unique technique is to give clients a precision, manually controlled skin resurfacing while lifting, firming, toning, balancing and re-educating their musculoskeletal facial muscles for holistic anti-aging.

This facial includes double cleansing, enzyme exfoliation with dermafile, extractions, specialty facial massage, neck and shoulder massage, and treatment mask.

Chic CBD Infusion Facial / 45 mins: $150

The first of its kind exclusively available at Evolution Skincare & Wellness. 3000 MG of ChicBD Infusion Serum is infused into the skin using our nano needling technology. Great for acne scars, acne, rosacea, and anti-aging. Instantly plumps wrinkles and reduces inflammation. This includes a customized enzyme and extractions. No pain or downtime.

This treatment includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation with dermafile, CBD Infusion with nano needling technology.

Men’s Facial / 60 mins: $80

This customized facial targets and treats skin concerns for men. It treats dry, weather depleted skin, sun-damage and premature aging and irritation due to shaving. This facial includes, deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, customized mask and a relaxing massage.

Stimulating Beard Facial $100

Need help with ingrown hairs? Dealing with a dry and brittle beard? This treatment combines the customization of the Men's Facial and beard care. It includes a beard shampoo and conditioning, high frequency combing to kill bacteria, and a moisturizing pomade along with the men's facial treatment benefits as well.

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