Unbeatable Waxing Treatment

At Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC I understand that waxing can be uncomfortable and painful but for most people, it is something that must be done at least every now and then. I pride myself on creating a pleasant experience in a warm and welcoming environment. Education is key!!! It is important for me to educate my clients on how to care for their skin after a waxing session. I focus on ingrown hair care, skin conditions, intimate area care and health.


Waxing for Everyone

At Evolution Skincare And Wellness LLC I offer a wide range of waxing options including: Facial Waxing, Bikini, Brazilian, Half Leg, Full Leg, Under Arm, Half Arm, Full Arm, Chest and Back. I also offer a specialized intimate area cleansing service that helps with ingrown hair and irritations, dry skin, and discoloration called the "Honey Pot" vajacial. I am proud that so many of my clients return to me on a regular basis and appreciate the high standards that I have set for their care. I work hard every day to ensure that these high standards are maintained.


  • Brow Wax $10 - $20
  • Lip Wax $10
  • Chin Wax $15
  • Lip & Chin Wax $25
  • Full Face Wax w/ Brow $40
  • Full Face Wax w/o Brow $35
  • Underarm wax $20
  • Half Arm Wax $25
  • Full Arm Wax $40
  • Half Leg Wax $35
  • Full Leg Wax $70
  • Bikini Wax $35
  • Extended Bikini Wax $45
  • Introductory Brazilian Wax $45
  • (for 1st time clients only)
  • Brazilian Wax $65
  • Chest Wax $35
  • Back Wax $80

Evolution Skincare and Wellness has a Premium Brazilian Membership Program

As a Premium Member you will Get your monthly Brazilian for $45. You also get 20% OFF of other services and products and an additional 10% OFF of Flash Sale deals. Contact me for more details and to sign up. (336) 693-1066